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smoked chicken breast

what you need

Two chicken breast fillets (skinless)

BBQ Rub (i would recommend Smokey Joe's smokey chicken, cuban, outback or for something spicy our smokin hot rub )

Apple wood

what to do

The first step is optional, and that's to brine your chicken for a couple of hours in a mixture of 2L of water, half a cup of salt and half a cup of sugar.

Brining will help it to not dry out during the cook.

Fill one basket in your Weber/ smoker with coals so that the grill plate sits flat, then place 10-12 of them in a chimney starter and light them up Let ash over and then add to the top of the basket, place to one side (away from thermometer) and put the lid on. Leave for a half hour to allow other briquettes to light (this is basically the minion method).

Place a foil tray with 1.5 cms of water under the area where you will cook the chicken.

Meanwhile, rub chicken liberally with Smokey Joe's Rub and let come to room temperature

When the BBQ has reached 250F

place a piece of apple wood on coals, replace grill plate (careful as the grill will be hot)) and add the chicken fillets to the plate and pop the lid back on.

Check the chicken after an hour, you are aiming for an internal temperature of 175F to be done.

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