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Our Pastrami style rub has all the traditional flavours from freshly cracked pepper,  coriander & mustard seeds, blended with subtle spices along with onion & garlic to creat a flavour sensation, based on a New York style pastrami seasoning. It has a robust peppery flavor and bite that is cooled down with notes of citrus, garlic and onion. I personally use this rub to make my smoked pastrami, but it also tastes great on sprinkled on eggs, potatoes and other smoked meats.


For a quick and easy style pastrami, just season and smoke a piece of corned beef from your local butcher.  Pickled Pork is also a great substitute. (be sure to soak in fresh water over night first to remove some of the salt)


Our seasoning is so verstitile you can use it on any cut, from brisket to a rib eye, the rub really does unhance the flavour of any meat, well suited to venison.


  • Pepper, Coriander Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Onion, Garlic, Paprika, Lake Deborah Salt, Sugar 

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