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Featured on Channel 7 Caravan & Camping WA

Featured on Channel 9 Today Show

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Smokey Joe's Chipotle & Lime was featured on Channel 7 Caravan & Camping WA show. Season 8 / Episode 2 (2023)

Smokey Joe's Rubs featured on Channel 9s Today morning show, and promoted several times by Tender Gourmet Butchers in NSW. (2022)



Firecracker Rub - First prize Mr Chilli Awards, Best of the Best


Mr Chilli Awards, Best of the Best

Mojo Seasoning - 3rd Prize

Chipotle & Lime Seasoning - 5th Place

World BBQ Championships

Gunpowder Rub - 3rd place


Mr. Chilli Awards 2023 (Aust/NZ)

Firecracker Loaded Salt - 1st place Mr Chilli Awards

Chilli & Lime Loaded salt - 4th place Mr Chilli Awards

The International Spicy Flavor awards (USA)

Citrus Twist Loaded Salt - 2nd place 

World Flavoory Taste Awards

Jalapeno Loaded Salt -Bronze Medal


Australian Business Review Board, Best Business Practice, Innovation & Customer service

International Recognition Award 2024

Mr. Chilli Awards 2024 (Aust/NZ)

Firecracker - 1st place chilli rubs hot 

Korean BBQ - 1st Place chilli seasonings mild

Pepper Steak - 2nd place chilli seasonings mild

Smokey Chipotle Chip Dust - 2nd Place chilli salts mild

International Flavor Awards (USA)

Smokey Chipotle Chip Dust - 2nd place 

Korean BBQ 3rd place


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Mr Chilli Awards 2022 logo
Mr Chilli Awards 2023 logo
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Smokey Joe's featured in Perth Now June 2023 & 2024

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Strange flavours for the Strange Festival. As part of the mid-winter arts event’s inaugural film season Exhumed, festival director Glenn Watson has unveiled five very unusual popcorn seasonings to help cinema-goers have a truly strange experience.

Glenn Watson collaborated with Joe Camilleri, the chef behind barbecue rub maker Smokey Joe’s Rubs, on the strange range.

Joe suggested 17 different flavour combinations before the festival co-founder picked the five weirdest — bacon and anchovy, wasabi chocolate, seaweed habanero, banana and pickle, and beetroot and garlic, or Vampire Slayer.

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