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Private Label & Packaging 
We can bring your products and ideas to life

As the title suggests we also are a  private label manufacturer specialising in herbs & spice blending  for local and international individuals and companies. We source the highest quality ingredients and to deliver our customers an unrivaled product. Our commitment to health and wellness has positioned Smokey Joe's Rubs as a preferred  manufacturer of of bbq rubs, seasonings and salt products for some great companies

Smokey Joes Rubs produces range of products including

BBQ Rubs & Seasonings

Loaded Flavoured Salts & Brines

Popcorn Seasonings

Seasonings for fries

Jerky Seasonings

Burger Seasonings

our simple  5 step process

Let Joe Guide you through our 5 step process from beginning to end

herbs & spices

Define your product and how we can bring it to life

step 1

herbs & spices

We work with your ideas to create you label, or our experienced designer can create a label for you 

step 2

herbs & spices

step 3

Source local and imported ingredients to bring idea to life

herbs & spices

step 4

Create custom product samples.

Receive feedback and make adjustments

herbs & spices

step 5

Deliver your own branded product on time and as quoted

smokey joes spice blends
two fool .png

Developing Your Concept: From Blend To Packaging

Variety is the spice of life! With a full line of spices and herbs and an extensive library of seasonings, we can add perfectly balanced flavour to any food manufacturing application. We can customise your process to provide quality and consistency for any need.

Custom Made

Looking for a unique seasoning to distinguish your product? Our teams of R&D and manufacturing professionals provide the expertise to guide you throughout the development process from concept to scale-up manufacturing to help make your seasoning truly stand out.


The presentation of a product can have a huge impact on how it is ultimately received. We have extensive experience developing every aspect of the process – from the development of the initial idea using pure spice to custom spice blending and packaging. We are fully equipped to prepare products in a variety of package sizes and options.


We are fully equipped to prepare and pack products in a variety of sizes and options. whether it be shakers or foil zip lock bags.

Our Graphic Designer can help bring your brand to life or create a new brand image for you.

Awards wining products 

For the past three years since we stared  we have won numerous awards every year for our products, so why not join a winning team?

International Flavor award logo
Mr Chilli Awards 2022 logo
Mr Chilli Awards 2023 logo
MR chilli awards 2021 logo
flav awards 2023.png
Untitled design (13).png

Just some of clients we work with 

chef lamii logo
bbqs plus academy logo
frankies foodhall logo
weber store logo
strange festival
carnivore collective
hot things bbq school
the outdoor chef
bulldog bbq

Meat Mate Rubs

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Joe Camilleri

Smokey Joe's Rubs

306 The Strand 

Dianella WA 6059

0439 713 372

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We love working on new and exciting projects. Drop us a line to find out how we can bring your ideas & brand to life, and Joe will bet back to you as soon as possible.

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