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Citrus Twist Loaded Salt

Citrus Twist Loaded Salt

 A unique and flavorful salt blend that will add a burst of citrusy freshness to any dish. Made with a blend of all-natural ingredients, including lemon, lime zest, this loaded salt is gluten-free and contains no MSG.

The Citrus Twist Loaded Salt is perfect for adding a touch of freshness to grilled, smoked, or roasted meats such as fish, chicken, and pork. Its unique combination of citrusy and savory flavors make it ideal for adding a burst of flavor to seafood, chicken and pork dishes. It's also great as a finishing salt for salads and vegetables.

This loaded salt is perfect for BBQ enthusiasts looking for a fresh and tangy option to complement their meals. The citrus twist is subtle and balanced, it will bring a new dimension to your dishes. Add it to your next barbecue for a delicious, fresh and savory meal.


Try it now and elevate your grilling game today






  • 250gr

  • Ingredients

    West Australian lake Deborah Salt blended with Fresh Lemon & Lime Zest, with a hint of Cracked Pepper, Garlic, Onion & Lemon Myrtle

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