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A bold and spicy seasoning blend that will add a kick of heat to any dish. Made with a blend of all-natural ingredients, including chilli peppers, garlic, and spices, this loaded salt is gluten-free and contains no MSG.

The Firecracker Loaded Salt is perfect for adding heat to grilled, smoked, or roasted meats such as beef, pork, and poultry. Its unique combination of heat and savory flavors make it ideal for adding a burst of flavor to ribs, pulled pork, and chicken. It's also great as a finishing salt for steaks and burgers.

This loaded salt is perfect for BBQ enthusiasts looking for a spicy option to complement their meals. The firecracker has a good level of heat and flavor, it's not overwhelmingly hot. It will bring a new dimension to your dishes. Add it to your next barbecue for a delicious, spicy and savory meal.


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Firecracker Loaded Salt

  • West Australian lake Deborah Salt blended with Freshly Dried Birds Eye Chillis, with a hint of Cracked Pepper, Cracked Mustard seeds, parsley, Garlic & Smoked Paprika 

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