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Gingerbread  Popcorn Seasoning

Gingerbread Popcorn Seasoning

When it comes to making something simple, like popcorn, you want to get it just right. Our butter-flavoured Popcorn Salt is gluten free, MSG free and will give your home-made popcorn an authentic taste and aroma just like the cinema — you’ll think you’re actually at the movies! Enjoy

  • Directions

    Smokey Joes Popcorn seasoning. is a great way to add real flavour to popcorn you make at home.



    Just add 1 tablespoon of seasoning to 1/2 cup poping corn in a pot with 3 tablespoons of oil ( I prefer coconut oil)


    full directions on the packet

  • Ingredients

    Salt, Butter Powder, Sugar, Ginger, Mix Spice, Cinnamon 

  • Size

    180gr resealable bag

  • Gluten Free


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