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100% Sustainably Sourced in Western Australia, Smokey Joes brings you compitition quality smoking wood chunks. Perfect for adding a smokeyness to your meats, jam wood adds a touch of sweetness to your smoking sensations. 


Jam is of the South Western Austrlian Acacia tree. It offers a long hot burn, so just a small amount of chunks is all that’s needed to give off a subtle sweet raspberry scent and smoke flavour, which goes well with pork, chicken & lamb.
This fruitwood is mild, fruity, and subtly sweet. Good for all-purpose smoking needs. It’s particularly popular with poultry, pork (especially ham), lamb, and sometimes seafood. it can be used on beef, but its flavour is so delicate it doesn’t hold up to red meat’s heavy flavours.


There is also no need to soak our wood chunks prior to using, as this will  cause the wood to smoulder and slow the burning process, taking longer to smoke and flavour your cook properly.


And remember to keep your smoking wood chunks seasoned and dry for te very best results.

Jam Wood Chunks 1kg

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