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The Chilli Head Collection

The Chilli Head Collection

Say hello to the deadliest trio. Including our four hottest sauces and pastes, the Butt Tickler, Burns Twice, The Ripper and the Reaper Paste, this collection is bound to satisfy (or tear up) even the biggest chilli heads.

The pack is inclusive of the:

  • Butt Tickler (Perri Perri) rated 11/10 burn
  • Burns twice (Red chillis, Habanero & Carolina Reapers) rated 13/10 burn
  • The ripper (carolina reapers) rates 17/10 burn
  • Reaper paste 


Feel the burn at both ends with these hot sauces.. what a collection

  • size

    3 x 245mL / 8.2 fl oz Bottles

    1 x 100gr Reaper paste

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