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Smokey Joe's Beef Shank

The best thing about low n slow barbecue lies in its ability to transform cheap unwanted cuts into something tender and very desirable. The long and slow cooking process allows even the toughest meats to break down into a mass of soft and gelatinous shreds. All the classic cuts like brisket, pork butt are notoriously stubborn unless subjected to a long cook. But there are lots of great cheap alternatives to the classics that perform so well in the smoker! Beef cheeks is one that come to mind. They’re like little bundles of brisket that cook in about half the time.

what you need

1 x 2kg (4-5 lb) whole beef shank (shin)

4-5 tablespoons Smokey Joe’s Outback rub

2 cups beef stock

1 cup water

1 cup strong brewed coffee

salt & pepper to taste

what to do

1. Heat a smoker or pellet grill to run at 135C (275f)

2. Coat the shank well on all sides with the Smokey Joe’s rub, then place into the preheated smoker for 2 ½ hours.

3. Place the smoked shank into a large foil pan, then add the broth, water and coffee. Cover with foil and seal the pan, then return to the smoker. Cook until tender, about 5-6 hours. Note: in some instances, the shank may take up to 9/10 hours to cook until tender, depending on size.

4. Start checking the shank for tenderness about 4 hours in after covering with foil. Meat is ready when it pulls apart easily - do not be fooled by false tenderness, it should be completely without resistance.

To serve, shred the meat into a bowl. Reserve some of the braising liquid to spoon over - it will absorb for maximum juiciness. If desired, if required you can also add further salt to the shredded meat and toss in the liquid

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