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cedar plank grilled salmon

Grilled cedar plank salmon sprinkled with a flavorful homemade herb spice mix. Cooking directly on the wood infuses a delicious smokey flavor into this tender flaky fish.

what you need

cedar plank/s

1 side of salmon (skin on or off) or 150gr portions

1/4 cup Smokey Joe's Lemon & Herb Rub or

Smokey Joe's Cuban Rub

what to do

1. soak the plank

Submerge the cedar plank under water for at least an hour before charring on the grill. A heavy wine bottle or similar will help to keep the wood from floating to the top. The water that’s absorbed helps the plank smolder and not catch fire.

2. char the plank

Preheat the grill/ bbq to medium-high, about 400 to 450°F (204 to 232ºC). Place the water-soaked plank on the grill grates close the lid. When the plank begins to smoke and lightly char, about 7 to 10 minutes, flip over and remove from the grill to begin salmon preparation. This charing step allows the wood to transfer more smokey flavor before the salmon starts to cook.

3. planking the salmon

Season the fillet first, then place it salmon skin side down on the charred side of the wood plank. Grill on medium-high heat with the lid closed until the salmon is just opaque in the center and begins to brown slightly around the edges, about 15 minutes per pound of fish. This salmon does not need to be flipped!

4. check for doneness

Place an probe thermometer in the thickest part of the fish. Salmon will reach an internal temperature of about 140ºF (60ºC) for medium doneness. Be careful as the grill can be much hotter than your oven, so keep checking every few minutes, so the fish does not dry out. You can also use a fork to separate the center of the flesh to see if it can easily flake apart.

smart tip

Slice up lemons and place them down the center to add some additional flavour & aroma to the salmon. This also prevents the surface of the salmon from getting too dry. Add fresh sprigs of thyme on top as it grills to add even more aromatic herbaceous notes.

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