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Chicken Lollipops

recipe & photo credit @_jos_kitchen

Sometimes a chicken leg, is just a chicken leg but a chicken lollypop is just so much more! And what I love about chicken legs is........ they don't break the budget!

To make these juicy, succulent chicken lollies you start by frenching the humble chicken drumstick. Yes, it will put your knife skills to the test but it's worth it.

Trim the drumstick right at the bone joint and as the chicken cooks it forms little handheld meat lollipops. The kids will love them.

I seasoned these lollypop's in @smokeyjoes Cuban dry rub and let the flavours infuse for 6 hours in the fridge.

Wrap the bone in foil to protect the bone from the heat.

Cooked at 350F/180 degrees C in indirect heat with charcoal and cherry smoking chunks @ironwood_smokers

After 30 minutes I glazed these beauties in my homemade bourbon bbq glaze and gave them another 15 minutes to set the glaze.

With these lollypop's I took the internal temp to 180F which is higher than the recommended temp but by doing this it breaks down any connective tissue and you won't end up with any chewy bits that are associated with chicken legs but the chicken is still so tender and juicy 🤤

And if you don't have a bbq to cook these in, don't worry, just French your drumsticks, flavour them in your favourite spices and roast them in your oven 😊

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