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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ‼️

another amazing easy recipe from @_jos_kitchen using Smokey Joes Rooster Rub

Recipe and photo credit @_jos_kitchen

There's nothing better than ½ birds cooked on the @chargrilleraustralia Gravity 980 with lump charcoal.

If you've not tried a wet rub before to season your chicken skin, you're missing out!!

A wet rub is a combination of your bbq dry rub mixed with olive oil or another wet ingredient to create a runny paste rather than sprinkling your dry rub onto your chicken skin.

I used a blend of @smokeyjoesrubs Rooster Rub and Firecracker with olive oil and a little honey (only a teaspoon or two, you dont want too much sugar or the wet rub will burn) The olive enhances the dry rub flavours while the honey caramelises.

Crispy flavour packed chicken skin with succulent, tender, juicy chicken. Just how I like it!! Served up with a fresh garden salad, dinner was good 👍🏼

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