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chorizo stuffed jalapenos

This recipe for bacon wrapped jalapeños with our cuban Rub create these insanely great tasting bombs of flavour, glazed in smoked honey.

Not only do the bring the flavour, they have heat, amazing texture and are super simple to make.

Recipe makes 6.

what you need

6 jalapeños

100g Cream cheese

2 Chorizo sausages

6 strips of streaky bacon

Smoked Honey to finish (optional)

what to do

Set up your Weber, kettle or drum smoker for indirect cooking, using the snake method Top the jalapeños and scoop out the seeds

Make the filling by using 50/50 chorizo meat and cream cheese (slice the sausage casing lengthwise and push the meat out of the sausage).

Use a piping bag to fill jalapeños

Wrap in the streaky bacon and sprinkle on cuban rub

Cook indirect for 45 mins.

When finished, drizzle with smoked honey

There you have it – give it a shot, and share the photos with us on facebook and Instagram (be sure to tag @smokeyjoesrubs when you do).

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