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smoked prime rib

This is an amazingly simple recipe that just requires a little patience even if it is only 2- 3 hours, The main difference between a ribeye and prime rib? Well, prime rib is always thicker than a single steak, and treated as a roast rather than having each piece individually seared.

what you need

10-12 lb ribeye roll/scotch fillet

1/3 cup Smokey Joe's Espresso rub

2 tablespoons of cider vinegar

1 cup water

what to do

Start by preheating a smoker or pellet grill to 375f. (190c)

Combine water and cider vinegar in a spray bottle.

Coat the prime rib generously with Smokey Joes éspresso seasoning, and place in the preheated smoker.

After 30 minutes, spritz the beef with the apple cider mixture, then repeat the spritz every 30 minutes during the cook.

After 1.5 hours, begin monitoring the internal temperature.

  • 125f for rare,

  • 135 for medium rare,

  • 145 for medium.

I recommend removing the prime rib about 5 degrees below the ideal temp, as it will continue to climb in temperature slightly once removed from cooker.

Once at desired temperature, remove from smoker and wrap tightly in foil or butchers paper. then place the prime rib in a cooler (without ice!) to rest for at least an hour.After resting slice, serve and enjoy!

cooking tips

When smoking beef, I recommend using Oak, Mesquite or Pecan.

The real hidden secret to this recipe is using my Espresso rub. Since the meat cooks in just 2-3 hours, this seasoning helps you get that classic dark bark.

Use an old towel to line a cooler for the resting stage.To accurately check internal temperature, use a digital thermometer.

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