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Sweet Beets Tenderloins

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Recipe and Photo credit @_jos_kitchen

Can I interest anyone in a bucket of grilled chicken tenders?

I'm really not sure why I don't cook chicken tenderloins more often!! I forgot how tender, juicy and flavoursome they are and not to mention how how fast they cook! These chicken tenders were cooked in under 10 minutes!! Such a quick, easy weeknight dinner.

I seasoned them with @smokeyjoesrubs NEW sweet beets handcrafted rub, cooked them indirect heat with rosemary smoke rolling for 5 minutes then gave them a quick grill on the comp pro @chargrilleraustralia over those coals to finish them off 👌🏼

Perfect to go with with a caesar salad that got pushed to the back of my photo 😆

for this and many more food ideas follow @_joes_kitchen on instagram & TicTok

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