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tuscan roast lamb

what you need

1 leg of lamb

2 tbs smokey joe's tuscan mix

1 cup white wine

olive oil

sea salt

what to do

reheat oven to 200c

1. brush or rub the lamb leg with olive oil,

2. season with salt

3. massage the Smokey Joe's Tuscan herb mix into the leg and let stand 30 minutes

4. place the lamb in a roasting pan with teh white wine and a half cup of water.

roast to your preferred doneness, the best and most accurate way is to use a probe thermometer

  • Rare 60°C

  • Medium rare 60–65°C

  • Medium 65–70°C 

  • Medium well done 70°C 

  • Well done 75°C

Chefs hint; remove lamb early and allow to come to room temperature before cooking, this will ensure a faster cook as well as a more even cooking through


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